About Fhionn's


Fhionn’s Afterschool is a facility designed with both children and parents needs in mind. It is accommodated within St. Finian’s GAA Clubhouse in the Activity Room. We work in close partnership with St. Finian’s Executive Committee to ensure we are providing a suitable space for your children to feel, safe, warm and excited.

Fhionn’s Afterschool is conveniently located in River Valley, just minutes walk from Holy Family National School.

Fhionn's Afterschool Facility

We have ample parking for drop off and collection times. Our secure entrance is controlled by intercom and access to children’s areas is restricted to authorised parents/ guardians/visitors.

We have fully equipped rooms with age and stage appropriate equipment and learning tools as well as facilities that complement the needs of each room. This provides a stimulating and comfortable environment for children to feel safe in order to develop and interact with others in, and an environment in which they can play and learn.
Regular reviews of the needs of the service are undertaken to ensure it reflects the best industry standards.

At Fhionn’s Afterschool we believe in creating an environment for children that incorporates the latest ideas in play areas and spatial learning zones. That’s why we believe in motion-conscious internal layouts which, together with fittings and furniture include the flexibility to alter to meet children’s needs.